free mindfulness guide

We're all for slowing down and stopping to smell the roses. Let us send you our FREE 6-page downloadable mindfulness booklet packed with gratitude prompts, reflection activities and flower colouring.

This journal is designed to help you on your mindfulness journey by providing practical tools and daily practices that will stay with you for a lifetime. By establishing a daily practice of reflection and gratitude, we can learn to appreciate the small moments that make life so beautiful. 

the goal

Practicing mindfulness and creativity on a daily basis to nourish our souls.

If you haven’t yet tried mindfulness and colouring, it can help with:

- Stress relief 

- Feeling present

- Sparking creativity

- Connecting with loved ones

meet rosie

As someone who can struggle to take moments of mindfulness out in my daily life, I really started to look forward to my weekly visits with my nephew Bowie, where we’d sit down on the floor and colour in whatever was in front of us. That was my introduction to mindfulness, and I started looking for more activities that were simple, yet effective at grounding me in the present moment.