founded by rosie browning

Floral designer and stylist Rosie Browning dreams up wildly unique creations with the aim of celebrating natures beauty. An avid curio-collector, chai lover, and yogi, Rosie embraces the concept of filling your home with more sustainable and timeless pieces. 

our story

Inspired by the idea of wildly unique, hand-made creations, designer Rosie Browning began experimenting with dried flowers after seeing a growing disconnect from the natural world within society. Know the Rose began as an outlet, where Rosie could express her creativity whilst re-establishing a connection with nature and celebrating its beauty.

It was during this time that Rosie discovered the reality of the preserved flower industry, uncovering the truth behind the most common drying process. These include heat treatment, bleaching, anti-mould chemicals or water soluble plastic coating. This means, the flowers no longer break down naturally over time and results in further landfill waste from an originally recyclable item. This process didn’t sit well with Rosie, who was adamant that it's not possible to invite nature inside your home and celebrate its beauty, when the process itself isn’t respectful to the environment. That’s why at Know the Rose, our pieces are only dried using traditional, chemical-free methods. Our products have been sourced responsibly, and being big advocates for the environment, we're dedicated to reducing our plastic consumption.

Since launching in 2020, Know the Rose has honoured its affinity for rustic, earthy decor, and its desire to invite nature back into the home. Along the way, there's been many early mornings and late nights dedicated to honing her craft, not to mention ferrying her iconic pop-ups to markets across Sydney, TV appearances, award winnings, many mistakes and a whole lot of passion. And Rosie wouldn't have it any other way.

Know the Rose serves to remind people of nature's inherent beauty both in their homes and their hearts through naturally dried, wildly unique floral art.

our philosophy

It's so exciting making your house a home - isn't it? We know it can be tempting to jump on trends, buy affordable furnishings and decor only to have them completely out of style in 6 months' time! Hey, we've all done it (thanks Pinterest).

It doesn’t take long to realise the beauty of more sustainable and timeless pieces. It's better for our beloved environment, and our wallets appreciate it too.

That's the basics of our philosophy here at Know The Rose. You can't bring nature into your home, truly celebrate its beauty, when the process in itself isn't respectful to the environment.

When you shop at Know the Rose, know that our pieces are only dried using traditional chemical free methods. All pieces and products have been sourced responsibly. And of course, being big advocates for the environment we're dedicated to reducing our plastic consumption. When you shop online or with us in person, we use plastic-free wrapping and packaging.

kind words

kind words

“Beautifully delicate, just what I expected. I am delighted with my order.”
— Simone G.

Acknowledgement of Country

We recognise the importance of acknowledging the history of the Indigenous Australians who belong to the Guringai language group who lived and are living in the Warringah area.

We acknowledge and respect the values and customs of the traditional owners of this land. We pay our respects to elders past, present and future for they hold the memories, traditions, culture and hope of Indigenous Australians. We extend our hands in friendship as we walk together on this land.