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I know, I know. New Year's Resolutions are a bit of a cliché. They can also be a touchy subject, especially if you're setting one you seem to set every year. For me, I'm ditching the typical big goals and instead working on implementing small habits into my day-to-day to support our beloved planet.

I encourage you to do the same, and there's so many little things we can all do continually that add up to make big change. So here's a few you can do if you aren't already:

Reusable bags
Now that Australian stores mostly require you to BYO bag it's the perfect extra nudge to make sure you're bringing your own. Plus - constantly buying plastic bags you don't need is just not necessary!

Travel sustainably
Air travel is a major contributor to climate change, and so are cars. And while I'm not suggesting you can walk to other countries, you can probably cut down a few trips you're taking in your car. Walk, bike, scooter where you can. Or, consider public transport or electric options.

Buy used goods
Giving a second life to a preloved item will keep it out of landfill, and it's often cheaper alternative to buying new! Plus, they don't come with all the excess packaging.

Try flexitarian
That’s like vegetarian but for those who aren't quite ready to fully commit. Try go meatless one day a week, and stick to it. According to the Monday Campaign, skipping one serving of beef every Monday for a year saves the equivalent emissions to driving 348 miles in a car.

Reduce your waste
Whatever that may look like for you, for some people it's buying less. While going zero-waste can seem like a daunting task, make choices to reduce the amount of waste you're having to throw away. For example, if you're continually throwing away food you're not eating, reassess what you could change. Buy from businesses that don't pack excess packaging or buy items with recyclable packaging when you have the choice.

Make the switch to dried flowers
No more buying weekly bunches in wrapped plastic just for them to die and wilt after a couple of days, find a couple bunches to add colour and green to your home. The best part is they are non-toxic, low maintenance and will breakdown naturally when disposed of!

Of course, let me just say a very happy new year to all, may it bless you with health and happiness. Good luck on your journey to a greener 2023! We got this.
January 11, 2023 — Rosie Browning