I'm a huge believer in nature having the ability to heal you. We all know the feeling of reaching a lookout and taking in an incredible view. The way a dip in an ocean leaves you feeling energised for the whole day, or the weight off your shoulders when you step into a trail lined by tall trees.

Being surrounded by nature is beautiful, wondrous and calming. So while we all know and enjoy it, why aren't we getting outside more? Well lockdowns, work, life just all gets in the way sometimes and I know how hard it can be to fit into your day to day.

I noticed myself that I was spending more and more time indoors these past couple of months, so for 2022 I really wanted to challenge myself to make sure I incorporate a bit more nature back into my life. I've put together a list to inspire you to take more moments to experience the outdoors and how to fit them into your hectic life.

1. Practice grounding
Also called earthing, grounding is the practice of connecting physically with nature and is as simple as walking barefoot on the beach, grass, even mud. Try take a walk along the beach if you have one nearby.

2. Go for a swim
There's nothing quite as invigorating as a swim! And what a great way to immerse yourself in nature. I often try to just jump in after a day of work to wash away the day.

3. Watch the sunrise or sunset
Watching the sunrise or sunset is proven to give you a better sense of gratitude, and it's such an amazing way to start or wrap up a day.

4. Take a slow mindful walk
Tracking your heart rate, working towards a step count and smashing a PB is all well and good, but treat yourself to a walk with no intention other than connecting with nature.

5. Watch and listen to local wildlife
Appreciate the little guys, and next time you're on a picnic or at your local park pay attention to the birds and how beautiful they sound.
March 26, 2022 — Rosie Browning