World Environment Days 2022 theme is “Only One Earth”. And what a harrowing reminder of how precious our planet is.

The United Nations states “There is #OnlyOneEarth and protecting it is a global challenge and responsibility. We have less than ten years to make real change, so we need to scale up our action for the planet.”

The Day is a yearly reminder to check in on what we’re all doing in our day-to-day to be doing our part.

If you’ve read my philosophy of Know The Rose, you’ll know I’m deeply committed to creating pieces that are respectful to the environment they are celebrating.

Three big goals I set for Know the Rose:

- I avoid single use plastic as much as I possibly can in my personal life, and this was a very natural and easy decision for me to flow into Know the Rose. I’m dedicated to being completely plastic free in packaging and wrapping, I guarantee that when you shop with me I’ve made all the steps, and have put in the research to avoid excess waste, free of plastic.

- I steer clear of harsh, unnatural chemicals. You can read about the difference between naturally dried and chemically preserved flowers here and the process I use.

- I source all materials responsibly and respectfully.

I’d love to hear some of the efforts individuals and other businesses are making. Keep having the conversations, keep making the changes (big and small) and keep putting in the work. It’s all our responsibility as businesses and individuals to make the changes now.

We can all do better.
June 05, 2022 — Rosie Browning