Meet The Makers is a series of interviews supporting our resident artists here at Know The Rose. From ceramics, to art prints and bespoke gift cards - when you shop with us, not only are you supporting our vision, but also those of local makers who are passionate about their craft. 

Hey Robyn! In this series we introduce our makers here at Know The Rose. What is it that you make for us? 

Fallen Wonders creations are art pieces made from inflorescence - all parts of a plant and flower - put together on my own handmade paper; each one unique, telling its own story and evoking emotion.

How long have you been creating and what was your career journey prior to Fallen Wonders?

When very young I loved drawing trees, and have continued painting, exhibiting, and selling cards and canvases, often of flowers or figures.

Creating and showcasing beauty in all its forms is inspiring. I taught makeup and deportment at a model agency and went on to design and make beautiful clothes in silks and cottons.

I love language, sounds, words and story and completed a university degree in Communication. I have sung in bands and choirs since school. My favourite genre is jazz.

I adore children and their enthusiasm and have brought up six rather wonderful creative humans.

Fallen Wonders stirred to life at an ephemeral art course in Avalon. The delicacy and whimsy appealed mightily. Since then, I have chosen to make my work fine and whimsical; and at the same time both stable and lasting.

What inspires you to create every day?

Fallen Wonders is a gathering of my life’s inspirations.

Art and design in nature, movement, light, music, people and faces fascinate me. The swoosh of a skirt, the curl of a leaf, the tilt of a hat, the twirl of a petal, and the point of a toe each creates its own theatre. Every tiny shift in angle or movement adds nuance and dimension transforming the everyday into something magical.

A found petal or leaf will call out. Each colour, each shape has a story to tell – becoming perhaps a dancer or swan or lover of life in a leafy grove.

Could you give us a little insight into your creative process? What steps are involved in the making of your pieces?

Whilst out walking I see tiny pieces of possibility. Some inspire a concept immediately and some are fabulous foundation pieces. These must be gathered carefully as often they are quite delicate. They go through a process of pressing and drying to retain their texture and colour and their particular emotive possibility. Then they are categorised.

Meanwhile I have made my own home-made paper. It is on here that the magic must arrive. The colours must sing, and the story must evolve.

Can you tell us one thing people don’t know about your work?

The pauses during the work, waiting for the pieces to come together; to get and then evoke the emotion and tell the story. This involves the integration of the colours and textures, then the curve of an arm, or maybe the extension of a leg for a leap in the air.

What are your favourite flowers to work with?

Oooh there are tiny ones you can so easily miss that are gorgeous!

For the past couple of months though my favourite flowers have been the lovely lush generous colourful camellias.

How do you practice sustainability in your craft or everyday life?

I feel so lucky. My mother gave me a love of art and nature, finding wonder everywhere.

She also, years ago, gave me the tools to make paper. I recycle used office paper to create my hand made paper. It is dried by the sun and wind.

The inflorescence is all around on the street verges and in my garden. The cockatoos help. They’re brilliant at breaking off high branches and blooms that I collect.

It is all nature.

What’s the best part of running your own business?

Using my own unique blend of talents and interests to share my homage to Nature.

To create one of a kind enchanting art stories that evoke memories and emotions that catch the wonder, and sing just for you. 

What’s been the biggest learning curve with your craft?

How to give the flower or petal or leaf on my paper the best expression of its striking individuality in a new life.

What’s your favourite quote to live by?

I think perhaps it may be one by Frances Hodgson Burnett who wrote a favourite book The Secret Garden. 

It is perfect - 

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden”


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October 30, 2021 — Rosie Browning