Aren't we a lucky bunch to get sunshine and a morning swim at the beach on Chrissy day? I absolutely love an Aussie Christmas especially embracing it for what it is - a hot sticky day, an outdoor barbie, summer fruits, pool parties all spent with your loved ones.

And while I think we've nailed a perfect Christmas down here, we could all still be doing better for our beloved environment! Did you know that during the Christmas period Australians waste increases by 30%. And I get it, it's a hard time of year to be sustainable with the excess food, wrapping, cards, packaging - they really set us up to fail! Which is why decorating with these plastic (and dare I say often not very aesthetic decorations) can be easily avoided!

This year I challenge you to think a bit more mindfully on your purchases and décor, and I promise you'll love the result. I recently styled this gorgeous table setting to introduce my new Christmas range, and I just had to share my tips to how to achieve it.

1. Get foraging
'Tis the season to be getting outside and exploring our beautiful landscape. You can find some lovely green, reds, yellows to make the perfect table centrepiece in a large vase or bucket all around you! Look out for banksias, wattle or eucalyptus leaves.

Items such as gumnuts, shells, feathers, branches make lovely natural decorations to hang onto your centrepiece.

Of course, forage mindfully on your own land or ask your friends or family. Another option is asking your local florist to source for you.

2. Get wrapping
A dessert table is a lovely spot to place gifts for your loved ones. You can opt for mindful options like paper, fabric, old posters or pages from books can also make lovely wrapping. You can even try wrapping without sticky tape (yes it's possible) and collect together with twine or ribbon. Finish it off with cinnamon sticks, dried flowers or dehydrated oranges (pictured).

3. Add a sentimental touch or items you already have
Styling with pieces that hold sentimental value can add a unique aspect to a setting. I've included these antique candle holders that belonged to my great-grandmother and were originally part of an old steam ship (but that's a story for another time). Besides candle holders, you can add your personal touch with items you already have jars, containers, picture frames, boxes, trays or bowls. Limit those one time uses where you can!

4. Let there be cake!
Final step of setting up your table will be adding those treats. Pavlova, Christmas cookies, a cheeseboard, or we've used a delicious passionfruit cake made by Nutjob Bakery as our main dessert option. Decorate your desserts with fresh, seasonal fruits to keep your setting light and bright!

Have a lovely Christmas and New Year season, check out the Know the Rose 22' Christmas Collection here.

October 27, 2022 — Rosie Browning