know the rose dried flowers australia - history of blushing bride flower

Free from harsh chemicals, our naturally dried flowers are better for the environment and will break down over time. Our new series ‘Flower in Focus’ explores the beautiful blooms we have available and dives a little deeper into the history of each flower.

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Blushing Bride; a beautiful flowering plant in the Protea family, with a history rooted in romance. The star-shaped, multi-bloomed flower has a soft feel with a blush coloured centre and was first discovered in 1773 in the mountains of South Africa. After its discovery, the flower wasn’t seen again for about 100 years and was thought to be extinct until 1914 when it was rediscovered at the Franschhoek Flower Show.

The name Blushing Bride was derived from folklore, the most common story stating that a man would wear the flower on his lapel when they intended to propose to the woman they were courting. Another simple explanation is that the flower head resembles a bridal gown, with the delicate petals spreading out the way a gown might flutter around a bride-to-be.

Blushing Bride dries out beautifully, keeping its structure with sturdy stems and papery petals. These charming bunches are the perfect gift if you hope to express your adoration to someone you truly love.

know the rose dried flowers australia history of blushing bride flower

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September 17, 2022 — Rosie Browning