Dried flowers and DIY decor? Sign me up! 

Anything that celebrates nature's beauty, whilst also having benefits for the home just speaks to me. I love decor with a purpose. Here are five ideas to get your creativity flowing:

Air Dry Clay
A super fun and easy craft to do at home is using air dry clay and playing with the patterns of leaves or flowers into the clay to print an impression. So simple but a beautiful statement!

First image via Magnolia. Second image via Hand Gemacht.

Embroidery Hoop Art
Using an embroidery hoop as your base, experiment with creating an arrangement by sewing flower heads into a tulle backdrop. Our Dried Flower Confetti Box features an abundance of flower types that will take your artwork to the next level.

Images via Olga Prinku

Feature Wall
Create a delicate arrangement on your wall with small sprigs of dried flowers. I'd recommend using wall safe tape and allow enough space between each stem for them to breathe.  

First image via Pinterest. Second image via Anthology Magazine.

Homemade Candles
I love this tutorial for adding dried flowers to your homemade candles to really make the flowers prominent: how to make dried flower candles.

Images via Hello Nest.

Strawflower Garland
Perfect for adding a pop of colour and natural texture to your home decor. Get started easily with our Strawflower Confetti Box.

Images by Elle Hall for Know the Rose

August 28, 2022 — Rosie Browning