Know the Rose dried flowers Australia |5 interior design books for achieving timeless home decor

If you're someone like me, you love tinkering around house, making little adjustments and finding the perfect pieces to add the personality to your space.

You've probably also experienced the burn out of how quickly and drastically trends change. I'm pretty sure I blinked one day and we went from all adoring minimalism to worshipping maximalism. It's exhausting to try keep up with - not to mention expensive!

Which is why really nailing down a timeless style with good solid pieces will be an absolute game changer for you when you're styling a forever home. As they say, buy cheap buy twice.

But where do you start? Well home décor books are just like old-school Pinterest (but better) and I've pulled together the books I have found really helped refine my style and ideas about home décor:

1. Curate - Lynda Gardener
Lynda says she's a magpie at heart with all the foraging and finding she does! Get some serious inspiration from the pieces she finds and how she styles them. The images throughout the book are bold, simple and calming.

2. Perfect Imperfect - Karyn McCartney
The themes and different chapters in the book take you on a journey through Karyn's ideas and methods. The perfect book for those who love something dark, moody, expressive.

3. The Foraged Home - Joanna Maclennan
This book is one of a kind. Simply a must. Joanna celebrates beauty in such simple, everyday styling. She shows lived in, used and loved spaces. Get inspired by the rust, chipping paint and the art of repurposing. Truly unique!

4. Individual - Jessica Bellef
Individual is an important reminder that you don't need an overflowing budget to make a house a home. The book takes you back through the basics of design and how to find your individual style.

5. The Principles of Style - Sarah Andrews
An absolutely stunning book, with brilliant imagery. Sarah's passion and knowledge for design oozes across every page, so you'll continue to learn and be inspired from cover to cover.

Know the Rose | Dried flowers Australia | 5 interior design books for achieving timeless home decor

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January 29, 2023 — Rosie Browning