know the rose dried flowers australia guide how to dry your own flowers at home

Finally! I am taking my hours of learnings and turning them into a step by step guide, tried and true, how to dry your own flowers from home. Believe me, I have made the mistakes so you don't have to!

I've already spoken about natural drying and chemically preserved flowers, so you may already know that I opt for the natural method and that's what I'm sharing today.

1. Select and prepare your bunch I would recommend first trying paper daisies, lavender or roses as they are super simple and dry out very easily. You'll want to make sure you've left your bunch out of water for 2-3 hours prior to hanging up so that the stems can dry out, and remove any excess leaves on the stem as these typically will just fall off anyway. Make sure your stems are dry prior to hanging up! If they are still slightly damp, this will cause the water to seep down into the flower and eventually cause mould. This is possibly the most important step, dry stems!

know the rose dried flowers australia guide how to dry your own flowers at home

2. Tightly wrap the stems together I know some people use tape but I could suggest a rubber band or twine as the stems can become fragile and break easily once they dry and this will keep them in best shape. Wrap them tightly and securely to avoid any coming loose.

3. Time to play the waiting game. Find a cool dark space, a garage or closet might work best for you. Avoid your bathroom or the outdoors as these areas can be damp and cause mould, hang them up securely... And then… we wait. Typically 2-3 weeks is suffice, but it does depend on the flower with some taking up to 4 weeks.

4. Gently remove the flowers and rubber band. Once you've been so patient it's time to unwrap the thread and you can style your flowers! You've now got a bunch of everlasting flowers that will last months to come.

know the rose dried flowers australia guide how to dry your own flowers at home

View my guide on how best to care for them to make the most out of your dried flowers. This is the perfect opportunity to try your hand at creating a wreath, use single stems on top of wrapping paper to add a special touch to gifts, or if they are fragrant such as lavender, hang them up in your wardrobe as a natural air freshener.

I love seeing people start their dried flower journey so share your everlasting experiments with me and tag @knowtherose Good luck!
February 03, 2022 — Rosie Browning