know the rose dried flowers australia six best australian natives for drying at home

If you have browsed my collection, you'll know I absolutely adore Australian native flowers. They are complex, wild, intricate and beautiful - and are stunning in a dried bouquet.

Not only for their appearance, Australian natives are one of the easiest flowers to dry and typically last the longest time (years rather than months). For those of you who dry flowers, or are looking for the perfect bouquet I wanted to share from my experience, the best Australian natives for drying:

1. Banksia
I love a statement Banksia, so iconic and unique to Australia with so many different varieties and colours a Banksia flower is a must try for drying.

2. Eucalyptus
I love adding eucalyptus to compliment flowers in a bouquet, or when by themselves add a simple and elegant touch of green to any space. Not only do they maintain their signature scent while dry, they are also incredibly affordable and easy to come by!

3. Everlasting Daisies (strawflowers)
So diverse and a great flower to work with for wreaths, bouquets and other floral arrangements. I always recommend beginners start with daisy's as they are pretty fool proof for drying.

4. Billy Buttons
Like something out of a Dr Seuss book these tall whimsical flowers will brighten anyone's day, they add a perfect pop of yellow and compliment other Australian natives beautifully, the bonus is: they are very easy to dry!

5. Tea Tree
Often used for healing practices because of their remedial benefits. Dried tea tree leaves go great in a smudge stick or eye pillow.

If you're wanting to give them a go, check out my guide for drying flowers yourself!

know the rose dried flowers australia six best australian natives for drying at home
May 14, 2022 — Rosie Browning