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This International Women's Day theme is Break the Bias which speaks to creating a world free from bias, inequality, stereotypes and discrimination.

It’s really no secret women to this day still experience inequality in the workplace. This year I’ve chosen to celebrate and acknowledge women who inspire me in business. From their creativity, leadership, to their intelligence and everything in between.

If you’d like to join me, try being extra mindful to support women in business whether it’s engaging on their socials, promoting their pages or even treating yourself to a purchase. The idea is that we’re all responsible, individually, to our own thoughts and actions.

Claire Dunne - Founder of Graziher

I'm so inspired by Claire Dunne and her motivation to use her story telling talents to break the stereotypes of women living out in outback and rural Australia. Claire is a young woman from Queensland who independently publishes a beautifully put together quarterly magazine of women, sharing their stories. I encourage you to pick up a copy of her next magazine, it's a great read.

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Laura Thompson - Founder of Clothing The Gaps

Laura is a Gunditjmara woman and co-founder of Clothing the Gaps, a fashionable Aboriginal streetwear label making waves to cause change in health through the creation of Aboriginal Medical Services. Their pieces sell clothing with bold messages to celebrate and support Aboriginal people and culture. Profits from their sales fund their Clothing the Gaps foundation, which aims to "add years to Aboriginal peoples’ lives through a virtual run series encouraging communities to get moving with positive lifestyle habits". I encourage you to check out their label and support their worthy cause.

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Sarah Wilson - Author & Climate Change Activist

I first learnt of Sarah Wilson back in 2013 from her debut book 'I Quit Sugar', and always find myself keeping up with her latest projects and interviews. Sarah is an inspiring teacher and intelligent leader, first founding the "I Quit Sugar" movement with her bestseller, and has since released many more books and cookbooks. Sarah's passionate about her commitment to driving social change and conversations on a global level. Sarah has been ranked in the top 200 of most influential people.

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Abigail Forsyth - Founder and Managing Director of Keep Cup 

I use my Keep Cup probably every day, it's something I take with me everywhere I go. Keep Cup is more than just a product, it's a whole movement. Abigail started the idea with her sibling from their Melbourne Café, on the simple idea of keeping your coffee cup and using it again. And there was clearly a need for it with Keep Cup becoming wildly successful and a household name, plus tackling a huge issue with single use plastic consumption. *Links above have no affiliation

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*Links above have no affiliation.
March 07, 2022 — Rosie Browning

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