To me, nothing beats waking up at the crack of dawn, loading my flower wagon and heading to a local market. I love the atmosphere, the locals and of course browsing the other stalls.

Now, pandemic and small business certainly don’t go well together! I won’t go on about the challenges that many of us faced during 2020 onwards. But for most of us working from home or managing a small business I thought I’d take the opportunity to reflect and share some of the practices that worked for me and my small business.

1. I rebuilt my website.
Sounds obvious doesn’t it? Like many I originally designed my own website using an online hosting service. It was easy and affordable, and it totally worked fine. But as my orders came in, and my brand began to grow I really needed a little bit of help to truly have a website to support the needs of my business. And what a relief it’s been! I would totally suggest revamping your website if you’ve been rocking the same design for a few years. I highly recommend Carly from Studio Carly - I can't thank her enough for her help in bringing my vision to life.

2. I held online markets on Instagram stories.
Feeling a bit lost without my usual market hopping routine, I turned digital to figure out how to display my products front and centre during what is typically the busiest time of the year - Christmas. I've included images here of how the markets worked and the instructions. From which, I received lots of positive feedback from this and saw others jumping on and creating their own. While I'm sure it's been done many times before, I encourage you to hold your own digital market! Good luck and let me know how it goes over at @knowtherose.

3. I experimented on social media. You know TikTok? Yeah. That.
I started posting videos, and regularly. And to date I’ve amassed over 140,000 views. I appreciate that many of us in small business are also our own social media managers and how difficult that can be, but I totally recommend trying your hand at creating video content. Try making a short video of the process of how you make things, Q&As, jumping on trends, or fun stories along the way of your business. It’s been a really fun creative way to share content and connect with other businesses.

You can check out my account here.

4. I learnt how to run ads.
Totally willing to admit maybe I’m a bit behind here. But if you’re stuck boosting your posts because Facebook business manager looks so daunting… I’d challenge you to watch a couple YouTube videos and set aside some time to learn how to run your own ads through Facebook and Instagram. These platforms are a pay to play space and have greatly helped me connect to my audience and I'm so glad I took the plunge to start running ads this way. I've recently taken the next step with this and now have the wonderful Jordan from Scrunch social as our Social Media Ads Manager!

If you have any questions, I'm so happy to always help. I’d also really love to hear how others have been working through these challenging times. I'm always looking for ways to learn and improve so tell me what your business has done different during these times.

Stay safe and keep supporting each other!

February 26, 2022 — Rosie Browning

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