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I must admit, I love hearing about how others dedicate their time when they set their own hours. I know many prefer to have their days for relaxing, and put in the big hours at night, or others are up early to smash out their daily tasks and take the afternoon for their personal time.

One thing I was working towards this year, was having a better set routine for my work and personal life, and for this I've set myself a schedule which has really maximised my productivity and enjoyment of my day, I'd also love to hear how others organise their day and what practices they implemented which helped with their focus and productivity!

How I structure my working day:

If it's sunny and warm, I love to start my day at 6am and go for a walk with my mum and our family dog, Sugar. (That means if it's not sunny, I will usually hunker back down and sleep in or start my day from home). However it starts, the one constant is coffee. I love going to a local café for this and of course, always bring my keep cup!

At 8am, before looking at socials or emails, I always set aside 30 minutes planning the day ahead, I really find this time essential for figuring out the daily priorities, but I also try to dedicate this time to a bit of personal growth. I'm not too strict about what this looks like, often I'll read business articles, listen to a podcast or watch tutorials. I always want to continue learning and this is my dedicated time to do so. Currently, I'm completing the Samantha Wills Masterclass for Creative Entrepreneurs.

know the rose dried flowers australia

After an uninterrupted morning, it's time to jump onto emails and start doing any admin or replying to customers. I've learnt to be strict with myself here, it can be tempting to continually keep an eye on emails and I always want to try reply to customers as promptly as I can, but it can be very time consuming and interruptive to constantly be looking at my inbox, and definitely something I did when I first started!

Later in the morning, I go through orders from the previous day, and print out packing lists and shipping labels. I then start packing orders, I love seeing what everyone chooses and reading the beautiful gift messages that I handwrite for gift orders. After packing, I'll then load the flower wagon and head down to my local post office to drop them all off.

Then around midday, it's finally time to head into the studio to work hands on for custom orders, wholesale orders, preparing for markets or replenishing my stock for my space at The Powder Works. This is how I spend the main portion of my working day. With a few trips back and forth to the kitchen for snacks, of course. I must admit, one thing I do have to work on is trying to dedicate myself a lunch break more often than not, I find it difficult to get out of my work zone. I love listening to music or a podcast while I'm squirrelling away.

know the rose dried flowers australia

To close out the working day, my afternoons are always pretty varied depending on what the big task for the week is, often I head back to my desk and work on some marketing for socials, EDMs, blog posts or I'll get into (admittingly) my least favourite part of the day and get on top of finances and filing expenses/receipts.

I usually try to wrap up my working day around 6pm, which may sound like a big day but it really does fly by, and I'm fortunate to love what I do!
May 30, 2022 — Rosie Browning